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Show Reel

This is a collection of some of the morphing animations that I have created. I use Adobe Flash and Clip Studio Paint to create these type of hand-drawn animations.

The Journey of the applicaition of University - Cardiff University

This animation is a series of short animations which is for the application process. This video consists of the 7 short animations which show the process of the applying to Cardiff University (Medical), This is designed so that the short clips can be shown at the application process points to remind people of what is happening at that point in time.

Nervous Cats

This animation is an information animation designed for the introduction of a cat to a new household. I created this animation to be used as an informative device for people adopting a cat or cats into their home. This project was made to be an informative animation for those who adopt from Cat Cafe. I wanted to create a way that would grab peoples attention and make them think more about the way they treat cats when first introducing them into a home, as every cat reacts differently.

RSA - End Ageism

This Brief was for the RSA to create an animation for an audio clip. I have created an animation that is an illustrative style that’s created in Clip Studio Paint Pro. I wanted to give this a hand-drawn pencil look that has little colour, but still has a continuous flow to the piece.

Little Red Riding Hood

This Brief was for a university, we were asked to create an animation about Little Red Riding Hood using stop motion. This project was about using Adobe After Effects to create a piece that made an impact. I created a storybook look to the piece by having all the features in watercolour, by making the animation have a storybook look it made it feel more childlike. I wanted to do this so that I had a contrast to the dark elements of the story, this is why I ended the piece at the darkest moment of the story.

Research Before Watching

This animation was for a self-led university project where I was looking into how age ratings are viewed. I was looking into Games, Movies, and Television, I found that it is much harder to find the age ratings for television shows. I wanted to create an informative video about looking into television age ratings and what children are watching.